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Testosterone BlockerA natural Testosterone Blocker that will decrease testosterone levels in your body safely and quickly. This is a product obtained exclusively from natural ingredients, and no added harmful toxic chemicals.

We selected well-known herbs for their anti-androgen chemical composition that, in the right ratio, work towards blocking the gene pathways responsible with the formation of testosterone. The herbs allow the formation of more estrogens instead of androgens in your body.

By simply applying this product  to your arms and legs, two to four times a day, you will achieve maximum results.

Estrogen Spray
Estrogen Spray is designed to offer you the breasts you dream of. This is a natural product, renowned for its antiandrogenic properties and very effective in breast enlargment.

Estrogen Capsules
Estrogen Capsules will add between one and three cup sizes to your breasts. Used together with Estrogen Spray or on its own, it will make your breasts fuller, firmer and more defined by stimulating the development of the mammary and glandular tissues.

Testosterone Blocker

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